Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Beginning.

I always loved the idea of a tightly swaddled baby but, with my first two children, I never had the correct size blanket to make a good swaddle.

While pregnant with my third, I happened upon some adorable clearance fabric at Ikea and snatched up all the panels they had left. I decided to make matching blankets for my two boys out of the vegetable theme fabric I had found and a blue and white pinstriped flannel.

I gave the blankets to my boys for Christmas and was thrilled by how much they loved them! Measuring just about one yard, these blankets were the ideal size for them to carry around, cuddle with, play on, tuck their stuffed animals under, transport on long car trips & stroller rides, etc.

 A month or so later, I decided to make a themed blanket for one of my best friends who was expecting her first baby. She and her husband are avid bikers so I went with a bike pattern on one side and a sweet polka dot flannel on the other side. While stitching away it occurred to me that the blanket was the perfect size and weight to swaddle a baby.

With only a couple of weeks left before my own little bundle was due and my nesting instincts in full swing, I was determined to complete a blanket in time for it to be the very first blanket he or she would be wrapped in at birth.

Since I have always loved the classic look of toile, as soon as I found this 'Nursery Rhyme Toile' fabric online I knew it would be the perfect pattern for my baby, regardless of gender.

As for the flannel, I went with bright white not only because is it gender neutral but also because it feels so fresh and clean for a newborn.

My excitement over this blanket doubled once I realized how perfectly it coordinated with the old-fashioned cradle I had purchased at a thrift store just before my second son was born. My original intention had been to paint the cradle bright white but, this busy mom to little ones never got around to it. Well, I'm so glad I didn't because I love the contrast of the brown wood against the crisp white and taupe toile.

Luckily that little bundle arrived a couple of days late so this blanket was finished with plenty of time to spare.

And oh, how perfect he looked!

My midwife was the first person to compliment bis blanket. Once our son's initial, post-birth physical was complete, she asked if I had a specific blanket I wanted him in. As soon as she finished swaddling him, as she handed that cozy little baby to me, she commented on what a beautiful blanket it was. A couple of weeks later, as I started bringing the blanket with us, out and about, I began to receive so many compliments that my husband suggested I start selling them.

And that is the story of how cotton & may began! :)

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