Friday, April 15, 2016

Shop: Damask & Polka Dots.

There is something about the soft pastels and delicate pattern of this Love Birds Damask fabric from Carousel Designs that just makes me want to have a baby girl. Backed with a polka dot decked flannel and I'm ready to design a whole nursery around this blanket.

I first made this blanket in the Summer of 2015 as a gift for my husband's cousin's new baby, a little girl named Lilly Grace. Elegant and preppy, but with a touch of eclectic, I thought this blanket suited her beautiful name quite nicely.

Once this baby blanket was wrapped up and delivered to its intended owner I quickly ordered more fabric and whipped up another one because I knew I wanted it for my shop. You can check out the listing for this Love Birds Damask/Pink Polka Dots Swaddle Receiving Blanket here.

And until the day God blesses me with a daughter of my own, I'll continue to come up with the girliest blankets I can envision for everyone else's. ;)

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  1. Here you are!!!
    It is you, right?
    I've been wondering!!!
    Happy to find you beautiful place here.
    And I wish I had known you when I had babies to swaddle.
    Those other blankets were never long enough!